A STEM education revolution

VEX IQ is a robotics platform designed to transform STEM learning for young students and their teachers. Students as young as 8 can jump right in and snap robots together using this intuitive, toolless platform while educators can utilise the free VEX IQ Curriculum to help teach them valuable lessons and skills that are needed in today's changing world. This curriculum will be tailored to the UK education system. The VEX IQ Challenge, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, gives students affordable access to the inspiration, excitement and learning that comes from participating in a STEM challenge.


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Simple, flexible, powerful.

The VEX IQ system was designed to be simple and easy for students to use. Structural pieces snap together and come apart without tools, allowing for quick build times and easy modifications. A variety of gears, wheels and other accessories allows for complete customisation of VEX IQ projects and mobile robots.

The VEX IQ system was designed to be simple and easy for students to use. Structural pieces snap together and come apart without tools, allowing for quick build times and easy modifications. A variety of gears, wheels and other accessories allows for complete customisation of VEX IQ projects and mobile robots.

The Robot Brain takes high-end, powerful technology and simplifies it for educational use while keeping a high ceiling. Connect any combination of up to 12 Smart Port devices to the Robot Brain, which can then be controlled by built-in programs or programmed via a computer and compatible software program. In addition to using pre-programmed instructions, VEX IQ robots can be controlled by drivers using the Controller.

VEX IQ sensors, including a color sensor, gyroscope, potentiometer, allow for advanced robots and teaching opportunities.

Expand learning potential with our technology and education partners.

Free graphical programming software, powered by Modkit, allows for custom robot commands, sensor interaction and more. ROBOTC for VEX IQ, created by Robomatter Inc. and supported by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, allows robot programming in C.

The VEX Assembler software powered by Autodesk 123D adapts the power of Autodesk's advanced 3D modeling tools, giving students the ability to assemble and test VEX IQ mechanisms and robots virtually.

The affordable, accessible and scalable VEX IQ system will take STEM education at younger ages to a whole new level.

Exclusive VEX Robotics distributor in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait.

Computer Science
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Computer Science
programming & coding

Edutech in association with Carnegie Mellon University offers iCarnegie’s CS-STEM school program promotes the learning of computer science, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts in primary and secondary school students. It uses robotics and software programming to teach technical subjects such as mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering, as well as 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, innovation, and project management that are necessary for success in the knowledge economy.

Fundamental Concepts
Learned through iCarnegie's CS-STEM

21st Century Skills

  • Research
  • Time and project management
  • Writing and presentation
  • Creative thinking and innovation
  • Teamwork and multitasking

Art, Design & Technology

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Develop skills for success in higher education and careers

Align your students to relevant industry design projects with ITEA standards and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competencies to improve their learning outcome and performance. Our software, standards-aligned curriculums, and certification help students develop skills for success in higher education and careers.

A complete design, engineering, and analysis software suite
Our education edition has everything your students need to succeed. Easy to teach and learn, we offer innovative software tools, curriculum, and tutorials. In addition we provide academic resources for design, simulation, and documentation-all in one intuitive package.
  • Promotes creativity and student engagement in learning engineering design principles and practices.
  • Supports sketching and drawing techniques that are easy to learn, apply and teach.
  • Focuses on students energy in team building, project management, communication and presentation skills.
  • Provides an educational support structure with target curriculum, lesson plans and elearning activities.
Design Your Career

Empower your students become active authors and creators, not simply observers of digital content.
With our integrated software, standards-aligned curriculums, and certification programs, educators have the software and resources to inspire learning and creativity on each student’s journey to graduation. Along the way, students build essential 21st century communication, critical thinking, and creativity skills that serve them well in school and long after they graduate.

Design your Career
Wild Animals

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Help your students learn the science of flight

Aeromodeling encompasses all aspects of engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Structural etc. Hence it provides a unique opportunity to understand application of engineering concepts under extreme conditions.

Our team help in setup aeromodelling clubs in schools to empower students strengthen their technological capabilities, innovation and make them industry capable.

Activities by the students for the students:

  • We offer an opportunity to practically experience engineering concepts by providing by facilities, organizing workshops and events and encouraging R & D related projects by the student community of the school.
  • The organization and management skills required in building and operating such clubs provide excellent platforms by which the students improve their leadership and management skills which are essential for individual personality development in the real life world.
  • Provides an opportunity to harness the skills through interdisciplinary interactions as it would be a pan school activity not restricted by departmental lines.
  • Finally the institute's reputation as being a center for excellence giving practical exposure and opportunity to the students will be enhanced as a result.
Our Offer
  • We supply a complete package for Aero modelling clubs.
  • We also provide comprehensive assistance and consultancy for setting up / reviving and running aero clubs in schools/colleges.
  • Arrange and advice on initiatives and activities of the aero club.
  • We provide annual maintenance contracts for keeping the equipment of an aero club functioning.
  • Supply of components for student related projects.
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From pre-algebra to chemistry, match the right calculator features to your course requirements.

Perform computations and enter expressions, equations and formulas in proper math notation. Plot and explore functions, equations and inequalities, animate points on objects and graphs, use sliders to explain their behavior and more. Construct and explore geometric figures and create animations. Create a hypothesis graphically and replay data collection experiments all in a single application.

Experience Math and Science like never before

A colorful, more engaging way to explore math and science. Show real-world examples that help students make connections.

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators
New ways to get your students thinking, interacting, and connecting.

Elementary calculators
Help prepare young students for their next steps in math and science.

Apps for iPad and iPhone
Proven calculating engines, enhanced to perform seamlessly with iPad’s and iPhone’s intuitive interactive features and deliver solutions for mathematics, and finance.

Bring Math to life!

From secondary school to college

  • Lessons are more exciting and effective with our dynamic, interactive and visual approach.
  • Built-in 3-minute tutorials from year 7 to advanced calculus show you how.
  • The best and most intuitive interface for both teachers and students.
  • The only software perfectly suited to interactive whiteboards and tablets.
  • Only software with SLOW PLOT option: an essential tool to assist learning.

Science Investigation

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We provide educational laboratory equipment for Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics and Robotics. If you want to maximize the learning impact of your existing laboratories or set up and maintain electronic laboratories from scratch, we have the right solution for you.

Hands-on Science with iPad

Use iPad with our technology for personalized and engaging teaching and learning science. We offer data collection, data analysis, video analysis, and curriculum resources all tailored for the ease of use and personalization of iPad.

Hands-on Science with iPad
Clean-energy scientists for the future!

Edutech provides an engaging platform for students to apply knowledge learnt from physics, chemistry, mathematics, humanities (geography), design and technology and IT in the design and build of a clean energy drag-race car.

Promotes authentic learning environment, incorporating:



This approach to education is designed to revolutionize the teaching of subject areas such as mathematics and science by incorporating technology and engineering into regular curriculum by creating a “meta-discipline.”

With a special focus on the Environment, DZC exposes students to the phenomenon of global warming and its negative impacts on our lives today and the future. It demonstrates to students the possibility of mitigating the situation by utilizing alternative clean energy.

The program will also introduce them to the intricacies of hydrogen fuel cell technology and its relevance as an alternative and sustainable clean fuel source to fossil fuel.

Renewable Energy

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