Testing & Assessment

Edutech provides a range of Assessment Services to find out if students have mastered specific skills. The assessment modules can be administered to students in a variety of ways.

Standardized / Predictive Assessment

Short and frequent assessments targeted to specific content standards, benchmarks, and performance standards can be conducted. And these assessments can be utilized to adjust, or "course correct," individual instructional plans.

We also offer an online standardized/predictive assessment that can prescribe lessons for student instruction, based on the results. With Edutech's online testing and Assessment Services you can

  • Create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests or surveys
  • Schedule people to take the assessments, deliver them in a variety of ways and then view the results in different report types
  • Integrate Edutech's assessment system with other systems that support major standards including IMS QTI, AICC, SCORM and HR-XML

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