About Us

Edutech is a leading provider of education solutions. We enable academic institutions and corporate organizations to improve performance by facilitating 'knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement'.

As "learning specialists", we assist companies, academic institutions and governments to create an environment that fosters a community of continuous learning and improvement.

Established in 1991, Edutech has grown into a global corporation with offices around the world. Today, we offer an entire spectrum of education solutions that enhance learning in classrooms, libraries, corporate and industrial training centers and school, college and vocational laboratories.

Our R&D team, comprising of specialists in learning pedagogy, implementation methodology, emerging technologies and curriculum design continuously scan the market for trends, needs and opportunities to evolve new generation learning solutions. Over the years, in addition to contributing to enhanced customer performance and improved learning outcomes, we have worked closely with our partners in creating product and service solutions which have captured the imagination of the end user community.

Our strategic focus areas include Pre-K-12 Education, Higher Education and Corporate.