Step into the future

Interactive, fun, and constantly evolving

Experience real world STEM contexts and applications inside your university campus!

Equip students with the skills required to face the challenges of their future with robotics enabled learning.

Learning robotics fosters essential 21st century skills of critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, time management, effective communication and presentation skills along with enhanced syllabus based learning.

Create your own Robot

Your students will model real-life mechanisms and use creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills to meet challenges with today’s technologies all while learning necessary science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.


Humanoid Robot

NAO is wonderful for hands-on experiments that show your students, whatever their levels, how thrilling and fun robotics and computer science can be. Check out more videos of great experiments with NAO

For beginners

If you work with novice programmers, our Choregraphe software and its visual editing guide your students through the basics of robotics and software engineering. With Choregraphe, which allows you to program without mastering any code, you and your students can ease through general logic and the basic rules of programming.

With NAO, even basic courses can be fun and rewarding for students: errors in software design make NAO react in unexpected ways, while a nicely designed program makes NAO move and react appropriately.

For intermediate students

With Choregraphe and NAO's SDK, whatever your students' programming level and whatever language you are teaching (C++, Urbi Script, Python, etc.), you can explore many areas of robotics research and investigate NAO's multiple capabilities: vision, audio processing, control, planning, navigation, and more.

NAO is a tool that helps you and your students produce satisfying results quickly, allowing your best students to appreciate computer science and applied mathematics on functioning machines.

NAO lets you test in the real world any program you or your students designed, enriching the learning process and research experience of your students.

For advanced students

Present in major universities and laboratories, NAO is already being used in advanced research in robotics and computer science as well as psychology and autism therapy. It has already proven its ability to accompany researchers throughout their work and help them find tangible results.

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Think. Create. Build. Amaze VEX.

The VEX Clawbot Kit is the foundation robot kit in the VEX Robotics Design System. Included as the basic robot in all kits, the step-by-step instructions guide users in assembling the robot as they learn to work with the VEX Robotics Design system.

  • 300+ parts
  • Step-by-step instructions included
  • Includes (4) motors, structural metal, fasteners, wheels, and gears.

VEX Classroom and Competition Robotics Kits are complete kits designed for use in a daytime classroom or for a team involved in a competitive robotics program. Use Autodesk's VEX Robotics Curriculum to start teaching with VEX Robotics, from the basics of engineering, robotics and design all the way up to a semester-ending classroom competition. If you're fielding a competitive robotics team outside the classroom, these kits include the most popular items used to design and build VEX competition robots.


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