Testing & Assessment

As an examination services provider, Edutech offers consulting, test content, delivery and reporting services.

We deliver online, computer-aided and paper - pencil tests with seamless redundancies and quality standards. Our expertise includes
  • Access to innovative technologies - including the world's largest selling assessment management system
  • A network of secure test centers Committed resources with domain expertise

We have delivered reliable and valid assessments to education, government and corporate for admissions, recruitment, regulatory and employee assessments.

At Edutech, we believe that test content and assessment management is core to the success of an organization's assessment strategy. Any organization with a recurring test delivery schedule should have greater control and ownership of the assessment delivery process.

Our flexible Assessment Services offer both assessment technology and delivery services. While end-to-end outsourcing of the entire assessment process is an easy option for many organizations, the risks associated with outsourcing outweigh the benefits. We help address the following issues associated with outsourcing the examination process:

  • Increased costs with recurring assessments
  • Lack of reliability, flexibility and accountability
  • Lack of control over the examination process
  • Vendor lock-in situations
  • Integrity of content and tests

For organizations that wish to have varying levels of examination outsourcing but prefer greater control of the assessment process from design to development and delivery, Edutech provides Questionmark™ Perception™, the premier standard of assessment management systems in the world.

The Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment software

  • Enables trainers, educators and testing professionals to author, schedule, deliver, and report on exams and tests.
  • More than 2800 customers - including corporate, government and educational institutions - have purchased Perception™.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Edutech offers consulting services on areas ranging from assessment strategy to delivery and test content development.

Expert consulting services combined with powerful assessment technologies such as Questionmark Perception yield effective real-world solutions for admissions, recruitments, regulatory compliance, certification program management and successful learning outcomes.

Our consulting services include:

  1. Strategic Planning: Identifying, optimizing and aligning the assessment program to organizational objectives.
  2. Exam Automation: Assisting clients to select the most appropriate and effective tools and technologies that will meet their organizational needs and delivery challenges.
  3. Psychometric Consulting: Helping clients determine the most appropriate methodology to apply for a given test development project.
  4. Test Data Management: Configuring the client's assessment management system to get the right decision support information from the scores and results that the system generates after each test.

Edutech's flexible delivery options let you choose the type of service you wish to have based on your requirements and budget.

Complete examination outsourcing services with technology transfer: For organizations that wish to outsource their entire examination process, whether as part of an admission test or a recruitment drive, Edutech can provide turnkey services based on your requirements. This includes

  • An industry-standard assessment platform
  • A test center network
  • Fulfillment services like candidate-screening, registration, payment, certificate delivery and help desk services

When recurring assessment roll outs drain a customer's budget, they might also want to have greater control on the test content and delivery models. Edutech adds significant value with an optional assessment technology transfer facility that can significantly reduce your recurring cost of test delivery, while facilitating vendor independence for the test center network.

On demand and hosted model assessment platform: For organizations that do not have the in-house expertise or personnel, Edutech offers hosted assessment management solutions with Questionmark. With a hosted solution, you don't need to worry about hardware purchases, upgrades and maintenance expenses. We offer simplified pricing with the flexibility to choose between "pay-as-you-go" pricing or an annual contract.

Our hosted Solutions provide a robust platform that enables you to rapidly deploy an assessment management system without setting up hardware, Internet connections, and databases, or worrying about system configurations. The Questionmark hosting service enables you to create and run assessments online, schedule and manage users, and view comprehensive reports on your assessment results quickly and easily in a trustworthy, scalable and configurable environment.

Assessment Technology License Sale: If you are interested in setting up your own assessment capabilities, we can provide you with the industry leading assessment platform - Questionmark Perception and support you with training and consultancy till go-live and also provide support and maintenance services.

Edutech provides state-of-the-art, proctored exam delivery centers for

  • Admission tests
  • Pre-employment selection
  • Licensure and certification
  • Entrance examinations
  • Training assessment

We provide reliability, security and convenience in assessments for all stakeholders involved - candidate, sponsor, and organization.

Our fulfillment services include:

  • End-to-end Project Management: We ensure that the timeline and budgets are adhered to, and our commitment to customer care helps simplify your workload and keeps administrative costs low.
  • Test Communication: Providing information to prospective candidates via email, SMS etc.
  • Registration & Scheduling: Arranging for online and offline registration and schedule assessments for the participants.
  • Payment & e-commerce: Arranging for online and offline payment collection and processing.
  • Proctoring: Our trained and certified staff proctor exams effectively.
  • Results & Reports: Real-time results and reports are made available based on client requests; additional data processing and analysis services are also available.
  • Help Desk: Our help desk assists individual stake holders like candidates, sponsor and organization through a single point of contact.
  • Testing Center Network: Edutech's global testing partner network has testing facilities in easy-to-access locations in India, ME and U.S. All testing centers provide a secure, reliable and professional testing experience. All candidate and test center communications are fully-integrated with online candidate registration and scheduling, e-commerce capabilities, and real time results reporting.

What if you could reduce errors by automating test printing and test grading?
Receive test results for offline paper pencil delivery in seconds instead of days?

Although online assessment delivery offers many benefits, sometimes the traditional paper-and-pencil method is simply more practical.

Printing and Scanning

This assessment solution on Perception™ enables users to author assessments that participants may read and answer on paper. Participant responses can then be scanned and uploaded to Perception™ for scoring and reporting.

Assessment Service

The following scanning technologies can be used with Perception printing and scanning:

  • OMR (Optical Mark Reader): Print question sheets and booklets for standardized answer forms or "bubble sheets" for use with OMR scanners
  • OCR (Optical Character Reader): Print questions and response fields onto a single page, a method that can be used in conjunction with certain OCR scanning solutions

Benefits of Printing and Scanning
  • Authoring and item banking in Perception™
  • Blended assessment delivery
  • Integrated reporting of test results
  • Quick, comprehensive reports
  • Compatibility with many scanning systems
Content Services

A well-designed and thoroughly evaluated testing program is very important for the success of your assessments. Our psychometricians, test development consultants, SMEs and technology experts will work closely with you and your team to create tests and testing systems that maximize validity, fairness, reliability, legal defensibility and security.

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