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The International Exhibition and Forum for Education (IEFE) 2014 is focused on providing substantial opportunities for international businesses in the education sector to create partnerships and connect with decision makers from Saudi Arabian and GCC government bodies overseeing education developments and also senior representatives from Universities, Colleges, Training Institutions, secondary education institutions and public and private schools in the region but particularly from Saudi Arabia.

Edutech will be exhibiting at booth number 1518 at IEFE 2014.

What we will demonstrate?

Our focus in IEFE will be on STEM Education, Digital & Mobile Learning, Ask NAO (Autism Solution for Kids), Virtual Welding Trainer and Student Response Solutions.

IEFE Demonstrations

VRTEX 360® Virtual Welding Trainer

The VRTEX® 360 is a best-in-class, advanced level welding training system. It is designed to provide a full featured, expandable platform in an easy to use and engaging welding training tool. The VRTEX® is ideal for basic to advanced welding training, as a testing, recruitment and engagement tool for educational and industry and for preparation for advanced level evaluation for instructors.

The VRTEX® 360 is constantly on the move incorporating additions for your training purposes each year!


Step into the future classroom: NAO!

NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide.

Fully interactive, fun, and constantly evolving, NAO is a trusted platform for teaching students at different levels.

SPARK Science Learning System

• Discovery-based science
• Works with your PASPORT Sensors

SPARK is designed to become the center of your school's discovery-based science learning environment, providing both teacher and student the embedded support for exploring scientific concepts.

Student Response Solutions

Provides educators with the ability to actively engage students and easily assess student achievement. Promote data-driven differentiated instruction through formative assessment and frequent progress monitoring to meet the learning needs of each of your students. With an estimated six million ResponseCards distributed globally, our technology is the ideal tool to implement educational and pedagogical best practices effectively.

Geometrical Construction method of learning

Children from as young as four up to the level of university graduation have benefited from our geometrical construction method of learning mathmatics. Made from durable ABS, it lends itself to the thirst for creativity and the development of manipulative skills for younger users.

From the most basic early shapes of cubes and prisms, and progressing right up to the full set of Archimedean solids, the world of construction shapes leaves no stone unturned in its quest to help children to understand and enjoy geometry.

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