Dremel Digilab 3D45 3D Printer

Dremel Digilab 3D 45 3D Printer is the most intuitive 3D Printer to be used in education. It is the winner of the PCMag 2018 Editors' Choice Award for its ease of setup and use, print quality and consistency, build volume, software, filament, connectivity, and price.

• Easily removable glass build plate heated up to 100°C and all-metal 0.4mm nozzle heated up to 280°C
• 5-inch full-color touch screen with intuitive icons for easy setup and operation. Go from unboxing to your first print in less than 15 minutes
• Fully enclosed sturdy plastic design with a 6.7" x 10" x 6" build volume for better prints, better safety and less chance for warping. A carbon filter and particulate filter are built-in as well.
• Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in HD camera and included remote printing software so printing and monitoring can be done from anywhere. Print over a local network without internet, or via USB
• RFID built-in to detect the filament type (PLA, Nylon, ECO ABS, PETG) inserted and to automatically change printer settings and to track filament left on the spool

The PrintLab Classroom

Edutech empowers the learners through exploring, developing and exercising problem-solving skills with its 3D Printing and Modelling solutions by PrintLab.

Teach students how to design assistive devices, tackle global waste, solve engineering challenges and become entrepreneurs.

Suitable for the ages 9-15, the lessons can be incorporated into the study of maths, design technology, and computing. 

With PrintLab Classroom - an online portal of standards-aligned 3D printing lesson plans, equipped with everything from presentations and design workbooks to CAD tutorial videos and 3D model files.

Students use 3D modelling software to design a digital model and use 3D printers to manufacture a scale model of their project.


The Mayku FormBox is a cost-effective desktop vacuum former powered by a standard vacuum cleaner. Perfect for your next project in the classroom. It works with a wide range of materials and can also be partnered with a 3D printer. The 1000W ceramic heater is protected to ensure the unit is certified for use by children of 12+ and down to 8 years if supervised by an adult.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use: With the FormBox you can rapidly create prototypes with high-quality finishes
  • Use with a wide range of materials: Including HIPS, PTEG, and acrylic in thicknesses of 0.5mm-1.5mm.
  • Economically Priced: Using a vacuum cleaner to provide the suction makes this innovative product highly economical. The FormBox is supplied with 30 free sheets, casting materials and 3 project templates to use in the classroom.
  • 3D Printer Pairing: The FormBox can also be partnered with a 3D printer for even more making potential projects to explore.
  • Inspiration at Your Fingertips: Get free access to Mayku’s online library for project inspiration.