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Read&Write for Education

Used daily by millions of students worldwide, Read&Write is an award-winning literacy toolbar that helps reach every learner and realize their full potential.

Great for all subjects and lesson plans, Read&Write offers support with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments, and proofing written work. It’s also used as a digital reader for UK school examinations at GCSE and A-level, assisting students who are entitled to extra help in the exam room.


EquatIO gives your students the opportunity to show their mastery in math, in a way that best suits them. They can speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device. By moving to digital instruction, EquatIO makes math more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their math read aloud to them.

Students and educators can create and customize graphs with EquatIO. Powered by Desmos graphing calculator, EquatIO helps students to visualize and explore a written equation.


WriQ helps reduce the amount of time spent grading. It allows you to give students fast, effective feedback and track writing progress over time.

Free up time and reduce teacher workload

Remove subjectivity and manual time spent grading written work. Consistently assess writing across students and grades using rubrics. Automatically score writing indicators such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar, vocabulary maturity and time on task.

Give fast, effective feedback

Give meaningful feedback and motivation directly to your students. Help them to improve writing skills and quality. Increase their confidence and attainment as a result.

Fluency Tutor

With a library of over 500 reading fluency passages, teachers no longer need to search for their own reading materials. Teachers can share reading passages with their class and receive recordings of the assigned passages back. Helping to keep students reading, whether they’re in class or at home and avoid any learning loss. Giving them time back to focus on helping students build their reading skills.