about us

Envisioning the role of technology in transforming education, we serve educational institutions with hands-on and technology based learning solutions across classrooms, libraries, innovation centers, STEM labs, science and engineering labs in educational campuses and organizations in the Middle East.

why edutech?

EdTech Pioneers

Since 1991, we continue to believe in the power of technology to transform the education process and the power of education to build innovative future generations.

Deep Understanding

Our deep understanding of education and technology systems help us to effectively address learning needs at all levels.

Lifelong Learning

We believe in lifelong learning and hence provide learning solutions across the spectrum from K-12 Education, Vocational Education, Higher Education and Corporate Learning.

Effective Solutions

We research, recommend and implement quality focused learning solutions that meet current and future needs of education systems and delivers on learning outcomes.

Valued Clientele

Our valuable relationships with over 350+ clients presents a varied reference-able base of implementations from single classrooms to nationwide turnkey solutions.

Future Forward

We continuously think future forward and strive to provide solutions that empower youth and nations to be productive and prosperous in the Fourth Industrial era.

our partners