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Lecture Capture Solution

With Echo360, we offer an unprecedented learning management system which combines industry-leading video with engagement technology and analytics to measurably improve student success.

Video - Record and deliver education’s highest quality video in an instructor-friendly platform
Engagement - Make learning active before, during and after class with engagement and peer-to-peer learning tools
Analytics - Improve learning outcomes and intervene early with insight into student learning behaviours
Lecture Capture - Record lectures to give students on-demand access to their studies and support varied learning styles in a diverse student body
Flipped Classroom - Share information before and after class allowing more live interaction and discussion during class, increasing students’ overall understanding of course material

Echo360 supports Canvas users with advanced analytics that provide instructors access to real-time LMS data correlated with learning behaviour insights to produce a highly clarified picture of student learning. The intuitive combined data results in increased student success without any increase in burden on instructors. Built upon the Canvas Data framework, everything is automated and continually updated.


Recording and Streaming

Echo360 Universal Capture, the easiest way to create any kind of video on Mac, PC, or web. Echo360 is the only video platform for education with Universal Capture, a simple and intuitive capture interface for all your video recording and streaming needs.

  • So easy and intuitive that it requires no instructor or student training
  • For any video need from personal screen recording to campus-wide lecture capture
  • The same application and interface on Mac, PC, and web
  • Smart enough to detect and correct problems in real-time to prevent lost recordings


Video Management

Easily create, manage, and share all educational video.

Personal Library

Echo360 was made for instructors. While most content is published automatically, it’s easy to do more: tag, edit, or share anything right from the personal library. It’s a simple, unified view of all content owned or shared with each user.
  • Search
  • Editing
  • Brand Customization
  • LMS Integration
  • Sharing and Embedding



Video Learning and Engagement

The Echo360 Classroom

Students use the platform 7X more often when video is integrated into class presentations, student note-taking, and online discussions. With notes and discussions automatically linked to moments in class recordings and presentations, students can study with better context, increasing the overall investment value.


In addition to recording and publishing video, the Echo360 mobile app presents the classroom experience optimized for small-screen viewing, making it easy for students to use inside or outside class. Students can toggle between video feeds and the class presentation, and respond to activities, all from their mobile device.