Bildits Workshop

We offer the world's most realistic construction workshop for kids designed for different levels and age groups from 6 and 12 years old. Every Bildit kit is designed to inspire students to dream big and empower them to reach their full potential by providing a platform for exploration, creativity, problem-solving and fun. 

The kits include miniature material and tools used in construction sites and follows actual construction techniques helping them upgrading creativity, curiosity, and innovative thinking while developing cognitive skills through hands-on learning. Students will take home their projects and receive a STEM certificate of completion for each level. Workshops are run by Bildits’ instructors with comprehensive training and support from them.

Co-Curricular After School, Enrichment and Holiday Camps


We believe learning isn’t limited to space or time, but the habit of learning is continuous and is developed when we feel inspired. There is growing evidence to suggest that opportunities learn STEAM outside of school directly affects learning in the classrooms. Learning in after-school and holiday camps – whether it's indoors or outdoor – can be richly inspiring and constantly stimulating.

Edutech’s programs for after-school and holiday camps are designed to - Engage learners through intellect and emotion; Responsive to specific interests, experiences, and cultural practices; and Make connections with learning at school, home and community.

With decades of experience in formal and informal learning settings, our rich curriculum, high-tech learning resources, passionate facilitators, and inclusive program management, Edutech provides an implementation approach to suit the distinctive needs of institutions.