Establishing Service Learning in Schools with Orenda Learning


By Edutech Team

Service means the voluntary act of addressing community needs and ethically working towards sustainable solutions through active consultation and collaboration with stakeholders. It is not an act of charity but an act of compassion. It imparts many important lessons for youth to be active agents of change in their community and make a difference by tackling real problems in society.

Service learning is an integral part of the curriculum for all international schools in the region. It is important for the all-around growth of a student as they learn how their actions impact the world around them. It makes the students more thoughtful of their impact on the world and teaches them to be better.

"Service as the voluntary act of addressing community needs and ethically working towards sustainable solutions. It's a process that involves active consultation and collaboration amongst stakeholders that leads to reciprocal, respectful, and open-hearted partnerships and service learning is really."

Many parents are inclined to send their children to international schools. It is now time for all schools in the region to understand the value of service learning in their curriculum.

To help the schools in the region, Edutech has partnered with Orenda Learning, a leading education consultancy to spread awareness about their one-of-a-kind digital service curriculum, Be The Change.

"Orenda learning is an education-related impact-driven organization that is acutely aware of the social and environmental challenges on our planet at the moment. And we really believe that a brighter future is possible. We believe that part of the way that we will achieve this is by equipping young people with the crucial knowledge, skills, qualities, and the agency to effect positive transformation in our rapidly changing and complex worlds." - Alice Whitehead, founder of Orenda Learning.

Tune into the discussion between Alice Whitehead, founder of Orenda and Shameema Parveen, CEO of Edutech as they talk about the partnership, Be The Change, the importance of service learning and more.

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