ID8 - Immersive Collaboration Environment

ID8 Studio is an immersive environment for ideation, innovation & collaboration. With a cleverly integrated combination of multi-touch screens, digital pens that make paper and wall interactive, multi-touch tables, our purpose-built ease-to-use apps will transform entire walls into creative, collaborative spaces for innovative ideas to come alive.

Some of the features of the ID8 Studio are -

  • Ease of use - Anyone can pick up the pen and start creating
  • Flexibility - Extensible hardware platform that runs legacy and tailor-made software
  • Paper Integration - Seamless integration of content created on traditional paper
  • Scalability - From 1 to 4 screens, our solution meets your needs
  • Precision - Subpixel tracking meets vector based rendering for maximum precision
  • Multi-User - Our system allows for 7+ users simultaneously on paper and screen surfaces