TruTalent - Personality

TruTalent Personality helps students make more informed decisions about their future employment. Using TruTalent Personality, students can assess their skills, talents and career preferences to develop a clearer understanding of their personality types, use the results to match for the best possible career choice using Human eSources Career Matching Technology. 

It helps students choose their college majors and career paths best suited to their 4-letter personality types. It prepares assessment reports so teachers can spend more time talking to students. The detailed reports evokes self-awareness in students which helps them communicate better with staff and their classmates.

Key Features:

  • Match students to relevant job fairs and internships
  • Explore job positions and manage applications
  • Career interest survey helps determine favored career options
  • Easy and Quick Assessment of results

TruTalent - Intelligences

TruTalent Intelligences helps students in grade 8 through to college recognize their unique multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, boost confidence levels, strengthen all of their intelligences, and set their career path in motion. TruTalent Intelligences works together with TruTalent Personality and TruTalent Skills to find the best career path for students.

Now teachers can spend less time on finding students’ natural talent and get more accurate results.

Founded on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, this assessment provides a more rounded view of students by looking at the following types of intelligence: bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, naturalist, spatial and existential.

Key Features:

  • Complete assessment of Students’ intelligence
  • Apply multiple-intelligence reports to map career path
  • Improve Student self-awareness & self-esteem

TruTalent - Learning & Productivity

TruTalent Learning & Productivity is the most accurate and widely used learning style inventory in the higher education community worldwide. It provides college students important insights into their learning patterns and gives relevant suggestions for increasing productivity. It acts like their mentor and provides detailed suggestions to improve their results.

Based on the paper and pencil assessment developed by Dunn, Dunn and Price, TruTalent Learning & Productivity has been proven to be a valid and reliable instrument through over 30 years of doctoral research.

Key Features:

  • Takes only 20 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Provides detailed comprehensive reports of all students at a glance
  • Provides detailed description and tips for each preference in the reports
  • Available in multiple languages

TruTalent - Skills

TruTalent Skills is a tool used by individuals in school, colleges and in corporate alike. Based on a 20-minute test, it ensures individuals are equipped with a deeper understanding of their skills and numerous ways to further develop them for work environments. They also have access to Human eSources’ searchable career database and Indeed Job Search.

It provides insight into the complex skills identified as critical for learning and employment success. There are 15 distinct skill facets comprising five skills within the report: conscientiousness, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and social-emotional. Along with their results, they’ll find details for each skill, ways to develop independent skills, a list of careers that match their top skills, and included job search.

Key Features:

  • Shows top aptitudes and soft skills
  • Maps a plan to improve skills in relation to career selection
  • Individuals can retake and see their own growth in easy-to-read graphs

Vault Campus

Empower your students, during and after college, with the career intelligence they need to build the careers they want. The most prestigious university career centers and educational institutions rely on Vault Campus to help students and alumni find jobs and internships, prepare for interviews, and access the career tools and exclusive insight needed for employment decisions.