Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one such diaspora of endless creativity and we successfully address this opportunity of honing unthinkable imagination.

Explore this with our DIDACTIC range designed to provide simplicity and coherency in application. Our partners have created a diverse product line of Hydraulic Trainers, Electro- Pneumatic Trainers and Mechanisms Trainers to offer a classroom-based resource to aid practical investigation of various mechanical systems.
We provide premium quality of advanced lab technologies and solutions to foster development of the intellect. Our mechanical engineering lab solutions portfolio consists of –

  • Fluid Mechanics 
  • Robotics 
  • Mechatronics & Automation
  • Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer & Heat Exchanger 
  • Fluid Machines and Mechanics 
  • Automobile 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
  • CNC, Flexible Manufacturing and Computer Integrated Manufactory
  • Smart Innovative Factory and Automation
  • Workshop Machinery
  • Material Testing
  • Structures
  • Process Control


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Design your labs with the precision of soldering equipment, measuring instruments, power supplies, electric workstations, accessories and software. Edutech offers core electronics series which blends component-based and systems training to enhance practical implementation.

To quickly turn your classrooms into an electronics lab, we offer electronics study trainers, electronic circuit trainer teaching sets, student resource packs, design and simulation software, and workstations. Improve the level of understanding with our virtual instrumentation sets with PC interfacing and control. We also provide - 

  • Machine and Drives 
  • Power Electronics
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Power Systems and Simulators
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced Control Systems 
  • Advanced Haptics 
  • SCADA 
  • Mechatronics, Control and Robotics
  • Process Control 
  • Communication – Analog, Digital, Fibre-optics, CDMA and Wireless
  • Electronics, Circuits, Embedded Systems
  • Virtual Lab
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Test & Measurement


Chemical Engineering

We offer the most comprehensive and diverse product range aimed at delivering a holistic learning experience. Some of our industrial process trainer for education includes Distillation, chemical reactors, 3 Phase Separators for student experimentation in a safe environments. Our expertise offering includes -

  • Fluid Machines and Machinery 
  • Process Control 
  • Control and Instrumentation 
  • Unit Operations 
  • Reaction Engineering 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Thermal Engineering 
  • Heat Transfer and Exchanger 
  • Food Technology 
  • Pilot Plants


Petroleum Engineering

Dig in to the world of petroleum engineering with our top of the line trainers and demonstrators. Well- bore hydraulic demonstrators, pipeline pigging demonstrators and heat exchanger demonstrators along with adsorption trainers with data logging control, tank level flow trainers with PLC and fluidised catalytic cracker units. We also provide hands-on training for process engineers and operators, including -

  • Gas plant operators
  • Refinery operators
  • Petrochemical plant operators
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemical engineering technologists


Industrial Engineering Labs

In line with the rapidly evolving industrial world we cater to the continual demand for increased sophistication and simplification placed on its various components. Edutech encourages practical knowledge in this domain through strategic lab setups and tool. We offer technology solutions which enable students to achieve a smooth flow of their learning experience.

  • Flexible integrated assembly systems
  • Modular systems
  • Smart innovative factory - Industry 4.0
  • Highly automated systems
  • Industrial process control