Education Outreach Services

Education not just shapes a learning mind but it is something that moulds the present and the future of the entire nation. Organizational contribution to education is not just good Corporate Social Responsibility but an investment that helps them structure their future human capital.

With our Education Outreach Services (EOS) Program, we have made a conscious effort to provide a platform in the realms of STEAM Education. Combining the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, we create innovative programs to help the corporates empower the youth with focused skill-building and experiential learning.

Through our EOS program, we provide fully customizable end-to-end services and deliver successful turn-key projects based on the requirements of our corporate partners. We follow a methodical approach to match up to our partner’s expectations and surpass them every single time.
Some of the salient features of our EOS program are -

  • Understanding the requirement of the partner and analyzing the related industry and targeted demographics.
  • Developing customized curriculum based on the respective industrial concept.
  • Creating a customized action plan that replicates the vision of the corporate partner.
  • Collaborating with our diverse network of educational institutions to conduct the program on-site (during or after school hours) and in direct correspondence with the students through experiential workshops, hands-on learning activities, competitions, and challenges.
  • Complete implementation and execution of the program by our internal resource pool of exceptionally talented curriculum developers, engineers, facilitators, and technicians.
  • Measurable outcomes through periodical reporting and assessments to ascertain progress.

With Edutech’s Education Outreach Services, we help connect the industry with the nation’s educational system to aid them in constructively building their future talent and contributing responsibly to society. And, on the other hand, we provide valuable industrial exposure to educational institutions and facilitate their students with guided career choices and inspirational role models.