Classroom Launch Pack

Bring data from Space into your classroom. Run your code on real satellites in space.

The Because Learning Classroom Launch Pack provides all of the tools you’ll need to get your students designing and running their own experiments – in space. Students from grade 9+ can collect data, analyse the data, and publish their experiment to the Because Learning world-wide community. The Classroom Launch Pack provides teachers with resources that enable their students to conduct over 120 hands-on experiments using the Sensor Kits. The materials help students learn the fundamentals of remote sensing, coding and other STEM related concepts. 

Some of the example experiments that can be done in Space with Because Learning are:

  • Exoplanet Hunting
  • Weather Prediction
  • Climate Change Trends
  • Pollution
  • Egg Drop
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • G-Force
  • Heat Absorption
  • Solar Ovens
  • Earthquake Simulator
  • Tethered Balloon


MINDS-I Education

Unmanned Ground & Aerial Vehicles

UGVs: Build and configure rugged rovers to manually and autonomously navigate challenging outdoor terrain, avoid obstacles, and perform complex tasks.

UAVs: Design, build, and program drones for aerial search and rescues, GPS-guided crop dusting, autonomous deliveries to remote locations, and other compelling industry-related challenges.