Redesign the Future of Learning & Spark engagement, interaction, and connection with the virtual classroom platform built on Zoom.

Class for Zoom is the first essential synchronous learning application that allows teachers to deliver an in-person classroom experience online. Teachers are using Class to simplify attendance, grade assignments, talk one-on-one with students, and more - without ever leaving Zoom.

Class allows teachers to deliver engaging lessons and a connected learning experience for students in the virtual classroom.

Class Features


Maximize Engagement: Deliver a connected learning experience with Front of Class, enhanced breakout rooms and more.

Enable Effective Instruction: Personalise teaching with enhanced teaching tools. Create and grade assignments, assessments, quizzes and tests; connect to your LMS and share polls, videos without leaving the Class platform.

Manage the Classroom: Ensure a safe learning environment with student verification and privacy views, take attendance automatically and track hand-raise, participation and non-verbal feedback.

Measure Success: Use data to measure student participation and improve teaching. Maintain an integrated grade book for all assignments and assessments, conduct assessments in a proctored environment, and generate holistic reports in one place.