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Class for Zoom is the first essential synchronous learning application that allows teachers to deliver an in-person classroom experience online. Teachers are using Class to simplify attendance, grade assignments, talk one-on-one with students, and more - without ever leaving Zoom. Class for Zoom is designed as an education interface for Zoom that adds teaching tools, and additional capabilities for classroom administration.

Class allows teachers to deliver engaging lessons and a connected learning experience for students in the virtual classroom.  

Class Features

Maximize Engagement

Provide an interactive, connected learning experience with tools to track focus and provide feedback.

Improve Instruction

Teach to multiple learner types in dynamic and engaging ways – like site sharing and playing videos.

Manage Class

Grade assignments, take attendance and have one-on-one discussions – all without leaving Zoom.

Assess and Grade

Track and monitor student learning with in-platform assessments, automatic grading, and analytics.