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Chemical Engineering

We offer the most comprehensive and diverse product range aimed at delivering a holistic learning experience. Some of our industrial process trainer for education includes Distillation, chemical reactors, 3 Phase Separators for student experimentation in a safe environments. Our expertise offering includes -

  • Fluid Machines and Machinery 
  • Process Control 
  • Control and Instrumentation 
  • Unit Operations 
  • Reaction Engineering 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Thermal Engineering 
  • Heat Transfer and Exchanger 
  • Food Technology 
  • Pilot Plants

Petroleum Engineering

Dig in to the world of petroleum engineering with our top of the line trainers and demonstrators. Well- bore hydraulic demonstrators, pipeline pigging demonstrators and heat exchanger demonstrators along with adsorption trainers with data logging control, tank level flow trainers with PLC and fluidised catalytic cracker units. We also provide hands-on training for process engineers and operators, including -

  • Gas plant operators
  • Refinery operators
  • Petrochemical plant operators
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemical engineering technologists